Project proposals

We welcome students from all sections ...
… willing to work in a multidisciplinary environment and performing experimental research. There is no ideal candidate, you will either contribute with your expertise and/or acquire new skills ! Do no hesitate to contact the reference person listed below. See you soon !

Title: Design and fabrication of a microdevice for ex vivo biochemical and biomechanical studies  (Master thesis/Semester project)

Keywords: Microfluidics; photolithography, soft microdevices, microfab

Workload: 20% Theory; 20% Software; 60% Experimental

Contact: Raquel Parriera

Title: Design, fabrication and actuation of 3D printed microstructures (Master thesis/semester project)

Keywords: Wireless control, nanoscribe, soft microrobots, microfab, metamaterials

Workload distribution: 20% Theory, 20% Software, 60% Experimental

Contact: Lucio Pancaldi

Title: Wirelessly powered SMA-based microactuator (Master thesis/semester project)

Keywords: Nanoscribe, shape memory alloy, wireless power transfer, robotics

Workload distribution: 20% Theory, 10% Software, 70% Experimental

Contact: Lucio Pancaldi

Title: Wirelessly guided microcather (Master thesis/semester project)

Keywords: Medical microcatheter, wireless control

Workload distribution: 33% Theory, 33% Software, 33% Experimental

Contact: Lucio Pancaldi